The Scheherazade Foundation is a nonprofit helping to bridge cultures, empower women, and unlock the potential of stories.

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Looted Treasures Returned to Ethiopian People

Ethiopian Restitution in the Media


The Scheherazade Foundation has been established to bridge cultures, to address critical imbalances within society, and to relearn ancient patterns of thinking.

Since the Industrial Revolution, Occidental society has developed at a furious pace. But within a span of two centuries, it has become isolated from the ancient cultural systems upon which it was founded.

Floundering like an unruly teenager who believes they know best, the West has swapped moderation for abundance, and an obsession for gratification.

The mission of The Scheherazade Foundation is to work behind the scenes to effect change in a mainstream way in three key areas. This change will in turn enable healing to occur, and collaborative progress to be made for a far more balanced and inclusive world future.

The Scheherazade Foundation is concerned with three inter-connected objectives: