The Scheherazade Foundation is a private nonprofit, established to recalibrate society in three key ways.

These are:

  • To seek to empower women – and in particular young women – who will step out into the world, becoming leaders and role models for future generations.
  • To bridge cultures by striving towards shared values and know-how.
  • To harness the teaching power of stories that has been a bedrock of the human experience since the dawn of civilisation.

At The Scheherazade Foundation, we believe the challenges facing humankind can only be overcome by remembering our similarities rather than dwelling on what sets us apart from one another.

By removing glass ceilings, working across frontiers, and by thinking in both new and ancient ways, we are certain that giant strides can be made for the good of us all, and for generations to come.

Who is Scheherazade?

Scheherazade is the wise heroine and principal storyteller of A Thousand and One Nights, the greatest collection of tales the world has ever known.

Like every bride of the bloodthirsty King Shahryar, she is destined to be executed the morning after her wedding. To save her own neck, and those of many more innocent women, Scheherazade uses her intelligence, wit, and storytelling skills night after night to placate her husband’s rage.

Weaving a fantastical world of imagination over months and years, Scheherazade finally brings peace to the kingdom by freeing the king from his ire, saving the lives of the hundreds of young women he might otherwise have slain.

The Scheherazade Foundation takes its inspiration from Scheherazade’s example, by harnessing her out-of-the-box thinking, the empowerment of women, and the possibilities of storytelling — to bridge cultures and divisions within society, and to achieve new solutions to universal problems.